Organization and arbitration

1. The Quadrathlon of Cazalegas 2022 is a competition organized by the Hall of Cazalegas in collaboration with the Castellano-Manchega Triathlon Federation. 

When and where

2. The race will be held on Sunday 25 September 2022 at the Cazalegas reservoir (Toledo), being the center of competition in Cazalegas camping. The start time of the competition will be at 11:00 a.m. (timetable need to be confirmed days before race). Everything related to the schedules will be published on the website of the Castellano-Manchega triathlon federation (, and social networks in advance. 


3. The distances shall be as follow for all categories:

  • Swimming: 750 m.
  • Cycling: 18km
  • Kayakinf: 4km
  • Running: 5km.


4. There are 2 possible types of participation: individual or relay.

5. All those people born in the year 2006 or previous years  can participate.

6. The following individual categories are established:

  • Juvenile (1 6-17 years). Born in the years 2005-2006.
  • Junior (18-19 years). Born in the years 200 3-2004.
  • U23 (20-23 years). Born in the years 199 9-2002.
  • General (24-39 years). Born in the years 198 3-1998.
  • Veteran 1 (40-49 years). Born in the years 197 3-1982.
  • Veteran 2 (50-59 years). Born in the years 196 3-1972.
  • Veteran 3 (60 years or older). Born in 1962 or earlier.

7. The following categories are established by relays:

  • Men’s relays
  • Women’s relays
  • Mixed relays

8. The relay teams will be composed by 2 to 4 participants. One same participant can perform 1 to 3 segments. Participants must pass the witness (chip) among them in the place delimited for the organization. 

9. Special categories (relays only, will not count towards the final club score)

  • Paraquadrathlon: according to paratriathlon classes (PTWC, PTS or PTVI) and/or paracanoe (KL or VL) according to the respective international federations. At least 1 of the relay participants must be certified in one of those classes. 
  • Security and rescue forces. It includes firefighters, national police, civil guard, local and regional police, military, civil protection… and other units within the security forces. All participants of the relay must prove their status as security or rescue forces. If they do not reach the minimum participation of 3 teams of security and rescue forces, the teams present will be included in the general classification of relays. 

Material and segments

10. Participants must use, without modification, all the numbers and identification elements provided by the organization.

11. Any athlete who participates without being duly accredited and identified may not compete.

12. The material control will be carried out at the entrance and exit to the transition area, being mandatory to present the number to the official race judges.

13. The removal of the bicycle from the transition area may only be carried out when the cycling segment has been completed and under the authorization of the official race judges.

14. The cycling segment will be developed WITHOUT DRAFTING (it will not be allowed to go to the wheel of other participants), and must keep the safety distance and the overtaking time, established according to the regulations of the triathlon federation of Castilla La Mancha. The circuit will be develop on roads controlled by volunteers, Local Police and Civil Guard, and the traffic rules must be respected (any participant can invade the opposite lane and must circulate on the right of the lane).  The use of the rigid helmet, properly fastened is mandatory. The use of road bike (route or time trial) or mountain bike is allowed. The use of electric bicycles will not be allowed. 

15. In the canoeing segment, the use of a life jacket will not be mandatory, although its use is optional. 

16. In the canoeing segment, any individual kayak or canoe boat may be used. Motorized or inflatable boats will not be allowed.

17. Every vessel must have a flotation system, either by type of material (plastic vessel) or device that guarantees such flotation (polyspan or float inside the canoe).

18. All vessels must be disinfected prior to use in the area designated for this purpose.

Control closure

19. There will be closure of control for each of the sectors, to guarantee the good development of the race. These control closures will be: Swimming 25 minutes, swimming + cycling 1h00 ́, swimming + cycling + canoeing 1h45 ́. Total 2h30 ́. 


20. The individual registration fee will be 30 euros (5 euros more if it is not federated in triathlon or participants from other country different to Spain). Registration for relays of 20 euros per participant (5 euros more if it is not federated or from another country different from Spain).

21. Registrations will be made through the website of the Castilian-La Mancha triathlon federation ( 

22. The refund in case of cancellation of the registration will be 75% of the total amount, as long as it is made before the registrations are closed.

23. The closing of the inscriptions will be made on Sunday, September 18th, 2022 at 23:59 hours or when the 300 participants established as a maximum are completed.


24. Numbers and chips will be able to pick up by participants on Saturday, September 24th, at the technical briefing (place and time to be determined) or the same day of the race (Sunday, September 25th)in the competition area and at a time to be determined. It will be mandatory to present the DNI by the athlete, or authorization with a photocopy of the participant’s ID, for withdrawal of the number / chip by another person.


25. Trophies will be awarded to the top three finishers in each category, both individually and by relay. Each athlete will be presented with their runner’s bag.

26. Trophies will be awarded to the first three classified clubs, being the classification made by the sum of points of individual participants and by relays. The special categories of paraquatathlon or security and rescue forces will not be counted for the classification by clubs. 

Classification score

27. The score for the classification by clubs will be the sum of points of both the participants in the individual classification and in relays (Total club points = individual participant points + relay team points), according to the following score, both in the individual classification and in the relay classification (the special categories do not enter into classification):

  • 1st place: 100 points
  • 2nd place: 90 points
  • 3rd place: 85 points
  • 4th place: 80 points
  • 5th place: 79 points
  • 6th place: 78 points
  • … onwards subtracting one point.

All those who finish the test in control time will score.


28. External aid will not be allowed to athletes in competition, being a reason for disqualification. Help would only be provided by the organization with the sole objective of maintaining the safety of the race and the athletes. 

29. An area will be enabled for the disposal of waste during the race segment (gels, bottles, wrappers …), being a reason for sanction to do so in an area not enabled. In the rest of the segments, the athletes must keep the wrapping or waste with them until the end of the test or reach the point enabled for said residue. 

30. The penalty for the sanctions will be carried out in the penalty box enabled for it, indicating the number of the participant. If this is not possible, at the end of the test, the penalty time will be added to the sanctioned athlete. The contempt or deliberate disregard by the orders of the official race judges will be grounds for disqualification. 

31. The use of headphones or music headphones during the competition will not be allowed. 


32. The Organization reserves the right to modify the itinerary, neutralize it or cancel it, if unforeseen circumstances make it advisable.

33. All participants assume, by taking part in the race, that their state of health allows them to participate without risk in this competition and declines from the organizers any responsibility arising from this circumstance. The official race judges and technical staff may order the non-participation or withdrawal of those participants who, due to exhaustion, injuries or any other circumstance, are not in a position to continue.

34. All participants by the mere fact of taking their registration accept these Regulations, although for everything not foreseen in it, the regulations in force of the Castilian Manchegan Triathlon Federation will be met. 

Cazalegas, 1 January 2022