6 abril, 2020


Basic information about Cazalegas Quadrathlon 2021

Race day: Sunday 26th of September 2021.

Time: coming soon.  

Place: Cazalegas Camping. Road TO-1261. Location: Cazalegas. Postal Code: 45683. Region: Toledo. Country: Spain.  

Segments: Swim 750m, bike 18km, kayak 4km, run 5km. 

Bike segment: road. NO drafting.

Categories: solo or relay. 

  • Solo: male and female
    • Youth (15-17 yo). Born in 2004-2006.
    • Junior (18-19 yo). Born in 2002-2003.
    • Under23 (20-23 yo). Born in 1998-2001.
    • General (24-39 yo). Born in 1982-1997.
    • Master A (40-49 yo). Born in 1972-1981.
    • Master B (50-59 yo). Born in 1962-1971.
    • Master C (60 years old or more). Born in 1961 or before.
  • Relay: teams composed by 2, 3 or 4 competitors (born in 2006 or before).
    • Male relay
    • Female relay 
    • Mix relay  

Special categories (only relay) 

  • Paraquadrathlon: according to different classes of paratriathlon (PTWC,PTS or PTVI) and/or paracanoe (KL or VL) of respective international federations. At least one component of the team must be correctly certified for one of the previously named classes. 
  • Rescue and Security forces. It includes firefighters, police, military, civil protection… and other corps and units. All components of the relay team must be correctly accredited. 

Registration: in website through link to Rock the Sport.  

Fee: coming soon.

Trophies: medals for first, second and third position in each category. Trophy for first, second and third club.